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    XR6 Turbo TV Commercial 14mb

    2005 Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo

    Engine: 4.0 Litre Turbocharged Inline 6
    Power: 240kW/322hp @ 5250rpm
    Torque: 450Nm/330lb-ft @ 2000rpm
    Body: 4 doors, 5 seats
    Transmission: 4 speed sequential sports shift Auto / 6 speed Manual
    Drivetrain: Front Engine/Rear Drive
    Wheels: Alloy 8x17" rims, 235/45 R17
    Kerb Weight: 1690kg
    Fuel Tank Capacity: 68 Litres
    Max Towing Capability (trailer + load): 1200kg
    Braking Distance: 80km/h to 0 - 26.5 metres
    Price: $43,000 AUS

    Fuel Consumption:
    City (litres/100km) - 10.4
    Highway (litres/100km) - 14.6

    Acceleration Figures:
    50-80km/h - 3.2 secs (in 3rd gear)
    60-100km/h - 4.1 secs (in 3rd gear)
    0-80km/h - 4.9 secs
    0-100km/h (59mph) - 5.9 secs
    0-400metres (1/4) - 14.3 secs


    While on the subject of hot Fords, what are your opinions on this car guys?
    If Ford America replaced the old Taurus with one of these would you be interested in buying one for the family or just yourself?

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