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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by habitat, May 11, 2006.

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    First to admit i'm a TV noob. I've done some research and searching of the forums but most of it is another language to me. I wanted to see what yo
    u guys thought before I made any large investments. :noes:

    I recently purchased a 360 and wanted to get a nice HDTV put into that room for gaming and maybe a movie here or there. I'm looking somewhere in the 40-50" range.

    Some people may be sitting at more of an angle so I didn't know if projection was the best way to go or not. I'm just looking for something for around $2000-$2500 that i'll be very happy with. Thanks in advance :hsd:
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    I can highly recommend Sony KDS-R50XBR1. I've had one for almost two months now and it continues to blow my mind every day. MSRP is 3499, you can get one for about 2500-2600 or even less if you shop around. You won't get a better 50" picture for that amount of money. This Sony is not a regular DLP projection TV, it uses a hybrid LcOS technology that produces absolutely stunning picture.

    There is a new model coming out in July so you might get a really good deal on the current one. Just make sure you get a 2006 build, the first generation had some issues (check out the long avsforum discussion thread, link below)




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