MIL afghanistan officially sucks

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by JoJoFine, Feb 12, 2009.

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    Its been like 2 months now and we still have no phones or internet at the FOB. We've been pulling shitter guard for a month because some douchebags from a visiting unit wrote on stall walls and our sgm has nothing better to do than make us do this dumb shit.

    Im living at a cop we took over from the 101st which happened to have working internet. They took everything else with them (ie phones, FOOD, spare truck parts). We started digging through connexes and found MRE"s that expired in 2005.

    The afghans are getting to know our new toy the MRAP which rpg's just bounce off. They also like to dump the human waste they pump from our tanks into their own drinking water. Its pretty awesome watching them dump hundreds of gallons a day into their rivers. God I hate this place. Their head of economic development in this province is 24 years old with a high school education and is illiterate. This place is like an even shittier central america with less vegetation.
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